Why do we want to change and improve our school?

'What is the cocktail of successful schools and their leaders? They are restless. There is a paradox at their core: they are very secure in their systems, values and successes, yet simultaneously seeking to change and improve. These schools look inwards to secure wise development; they look outwards to seize innovation which they can hew to their own ends and, importantly, make a difference to the children and students they serve.'

Summary from The restless school by Roy Blatchford, director, National Education Trust and former headteacher and HMI



At Bisley we do not stand still and the summary above explains why.  We constantly and consistently seek to change and improve.  We want to give the children the best primary education we can.  Please do have a look at our 3-5 year strategic plan below. This will show you how we are planning to move the school forward over the next few years. The sections highlighted in yellow are the areas that we are specifically working on this academic year.



Bisley C of E Primary School SIP 3-5year plan 2017-2022.pdf

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017.pdf