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Our learning hub is here to give you up to date information about how we teach things at school so that parents can support their children at home.  We also feature resources, ideas and websites that you can use to help your children practise their learning and embed their learning.

Do check back as we aim to update this page as often as we can.  If there is something particular you would like to see on this page that you feel would be beneficial to you please let us know.

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  • Phonics at Bisley
  • Year 6 Revision Hub 


We often have parents asking our advice on which books they can buy to support their children at home. Below you can see the maths and spelling & grammar dictionaries we are currently putting into each year group. These are particularly useful as they give a great explanation of each concept which can be helpful for parents too. As with all resources there is an overlap between year groups - please note that there are lots of other suitable books available too, however these are the main ones we are using.

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