Welcome to our Year 6

Revision Hub

A one-stop shop for all of your revision needs

We have been so impressed with the work ethic that the children are showing this year and it is brilliant to see their determination and drive to succeed. 

We know that some of the children would spend hours working if they could! Parents please keep an eye on how much revision your child is doing - we want them to remain happy and confident in themselves and proud of their achievements.

Remember that revision in small chunks e.g. 20/30 minutes a day is more effective than revising for hours at a time.  Little and often, especially over holiday periods helps to keep their brains ticking over.

If you come across something that your child is stuck on please drop Mrs Taylor or Mr Moore a note so that they can help your child in class.  Most importantly, if you or your child have any concerns surrounding revision please speak to staff sooner rather than later.  We are all here to support you!