Welcome to FOBS (Friends of Bisley School)


Our FOBS Commitee are:  

Emma McCargow                                            

Vice Chairman Rachel Webber                          
Treasurer Sarah Dudley                                                                          
Vice Treasurer Rebecca Butler  

Linda Lovelock

 Vice Secretary  Amy Fuller  
 Publicity Officer  Alex McAlpine
 Committee Members

 Judith Smith

 Leanne Toms

 Jessica Burnett

 Sarah Bradley

 Madeleine Tebbet

 Melanie Rasmussen

 Anna Onipko

 Talitha Frohn

 Asheleigh Low



We need volunteers to help at all events, so if you can lend some of your time for any of the above events please email us - please note you will need to possess a current DBS check to assist at certain events.

Please feel free to send any comments, feedback, ideas or offers of help to our email address: fobs@bisley.surrey.sch.uk  or contact a member of the FOBS committee.


Please see our Fundraising webpage www.localgiving.com/friendsofbisleyschool




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