Service Pupil Premium


How do we use the SPP at Bisley?

At Bisley we use the SPP funding for mainly pastoral support at suggested by the MoD – please see the article above.

Pastoral support at Bisley covers many things and includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • A Home School Service Link Worker
  • Settling the children in when they start at our school, including welcome sessions and weekly welcome breakfasts.
  • Liaising with the previous school to ensure that we have all the information regarding the children possible.
  • Assessing the children when they enter Bisley to ensure that they are placed in the correct groups and receive the correct teaching.
  • Den sessions at lunchtime for children who would like a quieter area to be.
  • 1 to 1 sessions for children who need support especially when family members are deployed.

When and how do we receive the SPP?

Service parents are encouraged to ensure that the Head Teacher of their child(ren)’s school is made aware of their Service status for the Spring School Census which is always in January and this year was conducted on 18 January 2018. The school will then receive the SPP (£300 per pupil) at the beginning of the new financial year, April.


Whichever school you are enrolled in on census day will receive that year’s allocation – the SPP is not portable.


This means that if you start at a new school at the end of January, (after census day) the school will not receive the SPP until the following April. For example for any service families who now join our school after 18th January 2018 we will not receive SPP until they have been registered on the following census in January 2019 and then we will receive the SPP in April 2019.


If you require any further clarification on how we spend SPP please speak to Mrs Fisher, School Business Manager or Mrs McConnell, Headteacher.

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